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New home shirt with no sponsor and smaller white patch


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Guest ObiChrisKenobi

I prefer the full back panel than the one on the link above.


To me the white panel looks more as though it was a last minute addition without any planning.


I thought they were going to have the a shield embedded similar to the late 90's kit with the shield on the back, that would have made more sense then just plain white. Of course, skeptics could say it was left as blank white panel to force people to pay extra for name and numbers...

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Might buy this, the f***ing back is putting me off though. I don't want any of the current squads name on it either because they are s****.

Just put your own name on then you dont have to feel embarrassed  cos thats what i will do obviously not your name cos its my shirt and that would be stupid but my name BIGGS and that would be nice but i have a random observation to make would anyone get Amoebi printed on cos that would be stupid too and would make anyone look like a right  :duff:
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Guest Stephen927

They've managed to make the back look even worse. Impressive. It's not as though you could get the back printed either, it would look weird with name and number on the back of that.

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if the patch is in the middle it would probably look good with just a plain red number, retro-stylee



Yep, that's what it's like.

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