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Would you take 17th place right now ?

Guest palnese

Would you take 17th place in the Premier League right now?  

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  1. 1. Would you take 17th place in the Premier League right now?

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It's too early to tell really but I've not seen much so far that is stopping us going for top half*. We're no great shakes but we're certainly no worse than the 12 non-good teams in this league, all of whom could probably finish anywhere.


*That's not me 'expecting' it btw.

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I mean if we stay up I guess it's job done for the year and I'd hope to push on from there but if you actually watch some of the utter rubbish in the bottom half of the league you wonder just how much of a mess it would take for us to go down. Pretty much everyone agrees we've strengthened this transfer window, we have a settled management team and have made a solid, confident start. Playing some good football too.


Take a look at this:




Outside the top eight everyone is absolutely average as fuck. The other two teams that came up are no better than the ones that went down then either.

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Yeah. Obviously we all know how early it is, but sometimes when I take a look at a team at the beginning of season and at the end, it still surprises me how much can change. Good start and everything, and I think we can take 12-15, but all I want is to stay up.

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Last season = 1st or 2nd. Doesn't matter. Promotion is the ultimate aim.

This season = 17th or 10th. Doesn't matter. Survival is all that is required.


So long as its not down to the last day. Fuck that.

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Not after our performances against Villa and Wolves away. For me, Wolves are a decent side and we had them on their backheels at Molineux. We've got great team spirit and added to our squad two internationals from quality sides. On top of that, there really aren't that many quality sides in the Premiership. Even Villa and Everton--two of the better also rans-- haven't looked very good.


Every couple of seasons there's a promoted club that exceeds expectations and does more than merely survive-- a Reading, or Birmingham. If any team is going to do it this season it's us. Player for player we match up pretty well against every side outside the top five so I think a top half finish is very much in the cards.


/deluded rant

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