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Which players love playing against NUFC

Guest sicko2ndbest

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Guest sicko2ndbest

Some players just love playing against us. Down the years you could look at team sheets and know that certain players were going to cause us all sorts of problems. Walcott, even before the game, was going to be onevof them...


Now this is going to seem obvious to some, particularly with the quality of some of the players I'm going to name, with some thinking 'they would cause anyone problems', but they do seem to raise their game against us







Can you think of anymore obvious ones down the years, and why do you think it's the case?


Personally I put it down to the stadium effect. Normally when top players enter a huge stadium it means they are going to come up against top class opposition and they get really up for it. In recent years we've had the stadium but without the world class team to match it up. The atmosphere drives the quality players on to levels they normally reserved for top/crunch matches, which against NUFC is going to be difficult to cope with.


That's my view anyway :)

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