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Moment Of The Match (Goals Aside) - World Cup Edition


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Can't look past the Casillas clanger and Torres for me. Spain's failure to look to the future/pride epitomised gloriously.


Van Persie's header was sensational, it must be said(, the cunt).

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Guest firetotheworks

Those goals were goals.


Torres missing, or Robben's thunderbastard volley were the best moments (goals aside)

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Personal moment. The moment when every Brazilian supporter was chanting 'Diego Viado, Diego Viado' which translates into 'Diego Gay, Diego Gay' but rhyming and my dad apparently stands up and tells people to shut up as he will score 3 against Brazil when he gets a chance and then some people start chanting Diego because of it and my dad all proud is going to sit down again but his seat has gone up (it's one of those seats that goes down when you sit on them) and he falls on his ass. :lol: I wasn't sitting with him, but they told me the moment was glorious. :lol:

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Martins Indi's stare. Can't get it off me :lol:


Dunno who the player was but when the ref sprayed that s*** on his shoes. He looked like someone had just killed his family.


This  :lol:


And Torres.


That was Bruno :D What a case. Love him already :D




(only pic I can find )


Thought he was excellent too.

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Physio getting stretchered off and the England fan giving it the wanker sign when he spots himself on the giant screen.

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