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The other games today 2020/21

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28 minutes ago, SEMTEX said:

Surely he just played advantage right? They were in a pretty advantageous position I'd say.

Yeah. Good refereeing.

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1 hour ago, Geordie Ahmed said:

Atalanta-Milan play final day of the season

Assuming they both win today and then their next game, a draw between them will be enough to stay ahead of Juve

I looked at the table incorrectly 

If Atalanta and Milan win their next game, final game between them will be irrelevant in terms of Juve catching them so no doubt both teams will play to finish as high as possible 

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So basically UEFA threw their toys out of the pram because we wouldn't let them bring in thousands of freeloaders delegates without them having to quarantine. Wankers.

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Posted (edited)

Wrong bus apparently. Liverpool travel on a black bus and are already at OT. :lol: Kits and stuff apparently on the red bus though.

Soz for spam

EDIT: SkySports saying they haven't left the hotel. The drama! 




Edited by Froggy

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