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FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Arsenal (a) - Live on BBC1


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Gonna be shite if teams aren't allowed fans.


Hope Marine get a good draw though


TBF to Marine if they get a home draw it'll be a near full house given the current regs as I think they're T2. Sounded like a canny atmosphere from folk just watching in their gardens at the weekend regardless.


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Blimey, Marine. That's some achievement to have made it this far. Same league as Dunston and wor Pickering Town. Be class if they got a Premier League draw.

Bar stewards beat my local team Colchester in the first round. Deserved it too.
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Marine vs Tottenham is lush, like.


Marine v Mourinho. Brilliant draw for them.


Not so good for Bruce, he won’t make excuses but prepare for injuries, lots of fixtures this time of year and playing one of the ‘big teams’ as excuses for losing to their reserves.

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