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Watford v Newcastle United - Saturday 25th September @ 3pm (no TV)


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With teams in and around us having hard games,  a gilt edged chance for NUFC to move out of the relegation zone .


what could go wrong? 

have your say , predict the score and generally try and sound like you care in this thread , enjoy the game .




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7 minutes ago, SUPERTOON said:

Think we will get a draw, assume he will actually play 4 at the back after Jones changed it the other night.


I think this is our last winnable game got a few weeks as well lose here and we are in deep deep trouble.

Honestly dont think this is a winnable game, Watford have half decent squad who play in a system that suits their squad, they have a plan & can actually think about how to play against each opponent, however the spunky fat faced cunt might fluke a draw but God I hope not

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1 minute ago, Fantail Breeze said:


“Brucie, give us a wave…”


That's happened with a bunch of kids in the Strawberry Corner at a cup match with cheap tickets, during school holidays and at a friendly with the exact same circumstances. Regular goers wouldn't have sang that shit. :lol:

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