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58 minutes ago, Ketsbaia said:

Would rather not have Rafa, Howe or Keegan. Certainly not Gerrard.


Brendan Rodgers would be fantastic but the ship has sailed there - no way is he leaving Leicester yet.

how come? Money talks mate , you will understand that in the coming years .if they want, they will get , it’s alien to us but get used to it.


we are the wealthiest club IN THE WORLD :lol:

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Whomever it is needs to get working quickly - hence the absolute necessity bin the fat cunt asap and get someone working with them immediately. The squad is in a fucking appalling state both fitness-wise and organisationally.


They'll have to be a miracle worker to get some results out of this lot before the transfer window.

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6 hours ago, TheInfiniteOdyssey said:

Give Conte absolutely anything he wants, if he still says no, then at least we did all we could.


A part of me would still love Mourinho, he may be out-of-touch in the modern English game and his teams can be very negative, but the connection with Sir Bobby and his on-record enthusiasm for the club provokes some strong romanticism.


Gerrard and Lampard far too risky I think.


This club would probably be as good a fit for Mourinho as any in football, he'd revel in our high decibel passion for the game, but I really don't think his football has adapted well to the modern game.


If Conte is available, he has all of that passion and his football is great. That he's a free agent at the moment makes it seem almost a no brainer. 

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17 minutes ago, Optimistic Nut said:

Rodgers would be fantastic like. Always thought he should stay at Leicester because he could break the top 4 with them, but we’ve probably ironically scuppered that as a long term project. :lol:




Always had a mild dislike for the bloke tbh, ever since he took credit for the football at Swansea after Ardiles left. That said I had a dislike of Rafa before he came here, and Rogers does play good football. 


I have a feeling Jones will be in charge for a few games while we interview candidates for the job long term. I doubt we'll make any rush appointments. 

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Definitely don’t want lampard.


conte or Rafa would be the ones if it was possible,but I don’t think either are realistic for varying reasons.


rodgers,Gerrard would both be good in different ways.


my choice would be wenger for a couple of years to transition and help with the academy/training ground restructure and then go from there.

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7 hours ago, AyeDubbleYoo said:

Strange time to appoint a manager, maybe too long for an interim one but too soon for a world class one. Conte working with Richie and Kraft is a hilarious thought, but so is a Graeme Jones getting 2 or 3 class players. Weird, it’ll be interesting to see which way they go. 


I’d therefore quite like someone like Vilas Boas. A free agent, he knows the league, has a Newcastle connection and would be an immediate improvement. If it doesn’t work over the next 2 seasons or so, he should have steadied the ship.

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I'm not that big of a fan of Conte, seems to always create trouble with the hierarchy and always has his demands, for some reason i would love for it to be Zidane, his name and presence will really show the sort of club we are wanting to become (not sure  how good is his English though).


But to be completely honest, i would be happy even if we just remove Bruce and put Jones in charge, i want to say no one is worse than what we have right now but the Ashley Era proved that it can always get worse than worst :lol:

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5 minutes ago, Minhosa said:

Don't see the Gerrard thing at all tbh. Even if he was superb (and let's face it, we don't know that yet), he's nailed on to follow Klopp at Liverpool over the next few years.

 Yeah that’s true tbf

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