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Yankuba Minteh (now playing for Brighton & Hove Albion)


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3/4 years time. This lad and Kuol either side of Isak in the CL final.


edit - and obviously Matt Ritchie coming off the bench to see the last 5 minutes out



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1 minute ago, Optimistic Nut said:

Same agency group as Isak according to Transfermarkt.


Guessing the strategy is pay around £20m on three players of this profile like Minteh, Kuol, and at least one of them becomes a £30m plus player.

I think Kuol was only about 250k or something along those lines, definitely less than 1m.

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4 minutes ago, The Prophet said:



Some comments in this thread from an Odense fan.

Thanks for sharing this, tweet summarised below:



But he also has attitude problems. Going out before a game, almost fighting a teammate in training, kicking a corner flag after he was subbed (later got a red for that). Last week he was injured but was still mad at the coach when he was subbed. All happened in 2023


Not unforgivable for a 18 year old imo, of course we will need to monitor his development closely though. 

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12 minutes ago, Scoot said:

Please get the loan move right otherwise these sort of signings are a bit pointless 


Shola, on your bike mate, see ya!

Hearts on paper was a good club for Kuol. It should have been a good loan for him but didn’t get the minutes 

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