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Favourite non Toon Premier League Player


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Guest firetotheworks

It would be Arshavin if he hadn't been shit for far too long. With him out of the equation it can only be David Silva.


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Absolutely love Heskey.


Lad we used to live with at uni claimed to be a massive Villa fan - used to go mental watching it on tv, but rarely went to a game. He hated Heskey so the rest of us used to bang on about how good he was all the time to wind him up. A few of us went in the Villa end at the SoL a couple of years back on a Wednesday night. 6 or 7 of us had a tenner or so on Heskey bagging the first goal. He duly obliged and we went absolutely mental - don't think the mackems knew what was going on as most of us ended up on the ground. That is probably my favourite non-NUFC football moment. It is those rare occasions that make it all worth it!

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I like da BaLOLteLOLi coz e is funny n duz da tricks 2 da peepl n iz grumpE and has funnE hair innit and tshirtz...


...or a more serious note Robin van Persie, absolute awesome. I like watching Luis Suarez too because is such a clever player, bit of a hard chap to like though. Aaron Ramsay is one I enjoy watching too, doesn't appear to be a total tool either which is rare for a young British player.

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