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The Managerial Merry-go-round

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Would be hilarious if Rafa came out on his Twitter and said he’s not going to coach Everton, didn’t want to, didn’t ever consider it. The news break was a bunch of lies. 


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8 minutes ago, ToonArmy1892 said:

Is it even happening.


Rafa holding off as he's heard the takeover is close imo.






only way it won’t happen if the Everton board change their mind and there’s talk that the board is split on it. 

I hope he goes to Everton has a really good start in to top 5 then leaves them mid way through the season :lol:


fuck Everton



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Part of me thinks that surely Rafa wouldn't go somewhere where half of the fans already hate him, but then I remember that he went to Chelski and their fans hated him even though he won them something. To be honest, if there's a large part of the fanbase that you'll never win over, even if you win stuff, makes me think that that to manage a club like that must take away from ever being fully attached to them as a manager and being the very best that you can. It's one thing to get paid to do a job, maybe even be good at it, but if you're not liked by the people there your achievements will never be fully appreciated.


I hope he doesn't go to the scouse mackems, he'll never be loved as much as he was here.

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1 hour ago, ToonArmy1892 said:

Rafa's odds are drifting a bit.

It wouldn't be the first time SSN and Talkshite have announced "our sources are saying" to help out SkyBet with some fake news.



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For the non-translators: Fonesca to Spurs is troubled by financial arrangements (even if contract is verbally agreed), so they're trying to work with Gattuso instead




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