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Best formation for our squad?


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Lejeune/Shelvey potentially in for Schar/Hayden. Prefer to have Schar in there though, but I'm aware Lejeune is probably the better defender in a two.

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We've got loads of good centre backs but I'd like Almiron as #10. Tough to say.


Surely almiron doesn’t suit being a 10, his worst asset is his ball control, not too sure on his passing. Suits the left wing

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How do you transition this team to one that’s comfortable having equal or more possession?


If everything is going to be played from the back, we need Schär and Lejeune, the only issue is that Lascelles is a bit more solid in the air so he tends to get the nod first.


I don’t know how you can transform the midfield. There’s no one player who makes the team tick. I think that’s the overall problem in the forwards not getting any service. All our midfielders are doing is protecting the back 4/5 then when we have the ball it’s played quickly out to the wing in the hope one of the forwards can carry it up the pitch.


It’s hit and hope, at best. No methodology whatsoever.


Rafa would set up the team to stifle and frustrate opponents. Then, when they’d basically thrown everything at us and not scored, he’d make a few small changes and we’d be up the pitch. We generally finished games quite strongly with him as manager.


Bruce just doesn’t have a plan b

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Formation is fine, the distance between the players offensively is not.


distilled down this is the issue as it was for rafa when he first started playing it


he solved it by having schar/lejeune dictating play and the two midfielders in front of them offering options for a short pass into space to get things moving, this of course allowed the wing backs to move up and midfield get closer to the strikers


bruce clearly doesn't understand that these are the fundamental things you need to make the system work because he's not playing the best ball playing CBs we've got therefore the midfield two stand static in front protecting the defence for all the long balls coming back at them


i'm a know nothing nobody but even i fucking understand that, how can he now?

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btw 4-4-2 ain't gonna work with this group of players, not enough pace in the defence and all of the CM options have proven they're not that effective in a two


so he'll have to go 4-5-1/4-1-4-1 to get any kind of meaningful change out of them but he'll face the same set of issues he has now surely







----------40m man----------------


that's the best i think you could get out of them changing the system, maybe swap longstaff/hayden around or whatever but give the DM that sole role to protect and ensure the other two are always moving looking for the ball


he's still playing almiron on the right though so i'm not hopeful :lol:


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I would try:



Lazaro - Lascelles - Leujene - Rose

-----------------Schar ---------------


--Saint Maximin------------Joelinton-



Almiron potentially the Dyer type - fast counterattacks winning the ball in the middle.

Joelinton give him a go in his favoured role.

Carroll in the absence of anyone else - Rondon would have been great in that role.

Schar possibly could be a decent DM - with his shooting and passing ability, may be a better bet than Hayden. Can also sit back and cover as a 3 when fullbacks bomb forward.

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