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The other games today 2020/21

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Just now, WarrenBartonCentrePartin said:

Been having little parties at each others' houses. Not going to say where I got that from, but it's indisputable.

Had a feeling it would've been something like that.

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15 minutes ago, Yorkie said:

I feel like a right smug prick re Lingard. Been saying for ages that he's a great player. Been an amazing move for him. 

Aye I’ve rated him from the start, I don’t think he truly ever played in areas that suit his game best or more at Man Utd, not from game to game anyway. I’ve always thought of him as a more box to box or attacking midfielder with goals in his locker. I’d have him at NUFC in a heart beat.



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Not sure many doubted he had talent, but I am remember reading a while ago he's had a lot of off-field issues past couple of years. Absolutely brilliant loan move for all concerned.

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14 minutes ago, AyeDubbleYoo said:

Same Yorkie, guess we just both know loads about football.


You're both wrong. :lol: He is nowhere near a great player. Nice wee patch for him here though. 

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