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Realistic Transfer Targets (2023/24)


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Fuck me what a cringe cry baby cunt, you wanted to return, you did, get over yourself. When the tough get going… I’d have him play for the reserves for the rest of his contract for that outburst!

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17 minutes ago, mighty__mag said:

Lukaku is pissed 👍🏻


He's played for shit teams in the past WBA/Everton.

Back when it was a means to an end. He reached the end and is throwing his toys out of the pram like a diva now he has "made it". Will be interesting to see the situation develop but doubt he goes anywhere anytime soon. 

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7 hours ago, ManDoon said:

Gilmour? The Norwich fans were telling him to fuck off to Chelsea?

I’d suggest the reason the fans of the rock bottom club are telling him to fuck off back to his parent club, is the reason we should go nowhere near him. 

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9 minutes ago, Froggy said:


He's not a fraud but his spell at Inter in an relatively poor league has inflated his ego.

I beg to differ. Man United had him too bulked up and immobile and Inter got the best out of him by making him more lean and utilising him correctly.


Serie A is very much a good, competitive league with some fairly solid teams and defences and aside from the top 2/3 clubs is very much like the PL.

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Reet, cancelled games, nice message from owners and general positivity is creeping in so going all out. Fuck messing around. Lets see us get one (2xCB) of each of these, pretty sure all have been linked at some point. 




ter Stegen
























Not arsed about midfield, think Howe can work with what he's got but silly individual mistakes at the back need to go, along with those making them time again. Also need a replacement (not understudy) for Wilson. 

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1 hour ago, Billy Pilgrim said:

300m for



Belgian Pro League: 2009–10[190]

Inter Milan

Serie A: 2020–21[203]

UEFA Europa League runner-up: 2019–20[204]


FIFA World Cup third place: 2018[205]


I forgot that individual players alone win club silverware. Brilliant take.


9 consecutive seasons of double-digit goals for 4 teams across 2 leagues. 68 international goals by age 28.

It’s laughable to suggest he’s anything other than one of the best strikers in the world.

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