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Who would you want?

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Who would you have then? Of people who've gone to other premiership clubs who do you think would improve us the most? Doesn't even have to be realistic, just state who you'd have, I've included some of those that look most obvious to me, name anyone you think I've missed. For me it would have to be Deco, advancing in years but an absolute class act in the middle of the park, just what we could do with right now imo.

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Deco.  The only world class player on the list.


That's why I went for him. Think he'd make much more of an impact at our club than any of the others - didn't realise how highly rated Nasri was on here mind.

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interesting no-ones piped up about bentley now he's gone - everyone presumably took the posters down off the walls and stopped wanking over him now then?


deco is top class and what we actually need in the team, so him


I'd loved for us to sign Bentley, but that wasn't the original question. Nasri is the player I'd want, but we had ZERO chance of signing him, whereas I think we had a 5% chance of signing Bentley.


Don't rate him then?

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