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FA rescind Beye red card


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Breaking News: Beye Cleared Of Red Card

By Craig Hope


HABIB Beye has had his red card against Manchester City overturned and is now free to play in this weekend's Tyne-Wear derby.


A statement from the Football Association read:


At a Regulatory Commission hearing today, a claim for wrongful dismissal from Newcastle United defender Habib Beye was upheld.


As a result, Beye's one-match suspension has been withdrawn.


Beye was shown a red card for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity during Newcastle's match against Manchester City on Monday October 20.





As things stand we'll lose our only right-back for the mackems match. Doesn't bear thinking about.


But as everyone else in the world apart from Rob Styles and Graham Poll saw he got the ball, surely it will be rescinded?


Surely? :no:

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I've long felt that the punishment for the foul in the goal-scoring position is wrong. It should be a penalty (regardless of where the foul is committed) and then a yellow. That would be just as big a deterrent and it wouldn't distort the game so much.


Yes, Styles got it wrong, but it was a difficult one. Rather than examine the individual ref, I'd much rather the powers that be adjusted the laws.

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