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Duff says Joe Kinnear should be permanent Newcastle manager


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Joe Kinnear should be permanent Newcastle manager, says Damien Duff

Newcastle winger Damien Duff has added his support to the campaign for Joe Kinnear to be handed the St James' Park manager's post on a full-time basis.



By Rob Stewart

Last Updated: 1:11PM GMT 18 Nov 2008


Kinnear is currently interim boss at St James' Park after his shock appointment in September following the departure of Kevin Keegan.


Keegan's exit was followed by unrest from the Tyneside faithful and led to pressure on owner Mike Ashley, who is now looking to sell.


Reports have linked Newcastle legend Alan Shearer with a permanent role following comments from his former England and team-mate Rob Lee.


But Duff is backing Kinnear, who has won two of his seven games in charge, after explaining the former Wimbledon chief has steadied the troubled club.


The Republic of Ireland international said: "From a football point of view I think we have found stability at the minute with Joe coming in. He has steadied the ship.


"We have got some good results under him. He has done well. But obviously from the top, the owner is trying to sell the club so hopefully we can get that resolved sooner rather than later.


"He has done what he has in a quiet way. He hasn't really come in shouting from the rooftops. He is someone to answer to. You need that in every line of work. I think the results have shown his impact.


"Definitely (the players have taken to him), yes. I would love to see him get the job. We'll see I suppose over the next coming weeks or months."


Good results? The win against Aston Villa was a good result. The win against West Brom was very hard work against a side we expect to beat (especially at home). The draw with Wigan was a disappointment. The draw with Everton was good if you consider the bad of going 2-0 down. The draw with Man City was good after being a man and a goal down (but we were 2-1 up only to concede).  The defeats against Sunderland and Fulham were bad.


How low our players expectations are these days. I suppose they are good results compared to when Chris Hughton was in charge.

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Still feel the same as I did a month ago.  He's surely not the caliber we should be looking to have manage our club though.  Interim? Fine.  Maybe till end of season.  Beyond that?  Can't see it, don't want it.  Can take Duff with him.

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Guest firetotheworks

This to me shows one of two things 1) That Duff is a suck up because he knows he shouldnt be in the team on his form, or 2) He's happy for us to be a lower mid-table side.

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Some footballers seem to be content with being comfortable and having people around that they know and like - and they don't care as much about achievement.


At the same time Duff might just be saying what any player would say to keep on the right side of the current manager.

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Guest Jawesome

TBF, if the current set of players are in agreement with the managers tactics etc then I don't see much of a problem.  It's not as if we are going to have our squad overhauled any time before next summer anyway.  Whats going to happen if 'Senor Diaz Sanchez Luis Ruiz' comes in from Mexico or wherever the fuck and he doesn't get on with them?  What if Shearer comes in and tells someone what he thinks, which causes unrest?  Theres fuck all we can do in our current situation, until next summer.

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There's a campaign!  ???


Duff might just be saying what any player would say to keep on the right side of the current manager.


I'd expect similar "we're all behind him" quotes from any senior player.

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It was quite funny how Zog came on in the 2nd half against Wigan and in the space of 10 mins put through two forward passes, one of which Oba scored from. Of course Duff retains posession nicely, but in the same position he'd have shimmied, twisted, skipped over the ball moved the ball forward 3 inches then passed it sideways to Nicky Butt.

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Just wish Kinnear would stop talking - the more he talks, the more of an idiot I think he is.


From The Journal this morning:



“I’m looking forward to the meeting because I think everyone would like some clarification regarding the takeover situation,” said Kinnear, who has guided United to nine points from a possible 21 since he took charge of the side. “Hopefully I’ll hear how far down the line the sale of the club is and if there is going to be any significant progress in the next couple of weeks. As far as I know due diligence has started, or is about to start, but I’m not in contact with Keith Harris directly so I don’t know. This meeting will give me the chance to find out what is going on and what my situation is going to be.



“The most important thing is the club, not my personal situation, but I think it is in the best interests of the team if I am given some long-term authority with a contract until June or something like that. It will clear up a bit of the uncertainty. If the club isn’t going to be sold before the end of the year – and it’s not certain that it is – then I’m also going to give the board a list of players I want to sign and list of players I’m willing to sell in January.”


We will sell players without a problem but who would want to come when they see the better players leaving - other than those from the Championship that he has already mentioned.  The problem areas in defence and midfield need good players to come and hit the ground running and not some foreigners or Championship players moving up a division who will need time to adapt no matter what their potential is.


I do not think his record so far as been that great.  The Villa and City results seemed good at the time but then Villa went on to get beat by Boro at home and City have been poor since.  The last couple of months we have thrown points away and December and January are going to be tough months.


I am getting more concerned by the day.


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Be madness letting Kinnear sell any players of significance in January, knowing he'll be gone within the next few months regardless.


Still, Ashley has no reason to care, so I can see it now. We'll sell N'Zogbia for a couple of million and bring in a Butt/Duff-esque "veteran" in with the money, pretty much a cert to happen.


Kinnear was a fine interim manager if he's only gonna be there 6 weeks or so. Come in, raise the spirits and keep things simple. But that won't go over for long. The feelgood factor wears off and players need some direction.


Should have hired Alex's uncle Billy tbh, at least he's probably not a bit of a wanker, like JK seems to be.


We'll be relegated if he stays until May IMO.

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