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Kinnear Says: Newcastle have made 5million bid for Mbia


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so much for £4million

We could have made a £4m offer yesterday, but after it was rejected, we made a £5m offer today.


Don't know anything about the lad, what's his position and what type of player is he?

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hope a dcm, someone gettin stuck in would be good, you "usually" cant go wrong with the africans, all those portsmouth bought wree good anyway lol..

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signing m'bia would make sense if n'zogbia were to leave as the club shops would be left with a load of apostrophes.


:lol: :lol:

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Not enough in the first place, never mind now that everybody knows.


Good on you, Joe. I think you're smashing.


Are you the Rennes chairman or summat?


I believe Joe when he says we've made a bid. I don't believe the fee. Remember the owners' tactics when it comes to transfers. It's been smokescreens and fluff for the media, and nee fucker will have a clue until it's been signed sealed and delivered.



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