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RIP Jim Smith

Optimistic Nut

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RIP.  Some great memories, such as the 4-2 v Leeds.


5-2 wasn't it?  4 for Micky Quinn.


That it was, like I said.  A great memory.  I remember a mental game against Leicester that season, too.

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RIP the bald eagle  :'(


5-4 vs Leicester was unreal - 4-2 down with not long left - McGhee and Quinn to the rescue!


Was there, in the scoreboard. 3 goals in 13 minutes. :)


RIP Bald Eagle.

Newcastle United 5 Leicester City 4, the game with the most goals I've (probably anyone) has ever missed in a game they attended.

Newcastle were already 2-1 down when me and my mates got in, due to getting an extra pint in at the Hodgsons at 5 to 3  :rolleyes:. We were absolutely awful for most of the match, so we left when Leicester scored their fourth...


A nine goal thriller and I only saw two of them  :blush:

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Why did he leave us by the way?


Couldn't quite remember if he left or was sacked, but according to Wikipedia...


With no prospect of promotion by March 1991, Smith resigned amid a boardroom power struggle at the club.


and this article from the time...




Attendances at St James' Park have fallen to fewer than 14,000, with chants of ``Smith out" echoing around the ground as the ageing side failed to establish itself in the play-off zone.


Remember that Leicester 5-4 match. Me and a mate left at 2-4 to Leicester. By the time we got home on the bus, we'd won 5-4.


Learned not to leave a match too early again!


RIP Bald Eagle.

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