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The Apathyometer: Not to be confused with the Relegationometer.



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  1. 1. How passionate are you about NUFC?

    • 1 - Howay the lads!
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10 - I feel nothing
    • 11 - Fuck NUFC

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Just interested to see where everyone is heading into yet another season with few transfers, Ashley in charge and underwhelming leadership.


Those of you in the area, will you attend matches? Have you bought kits?

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For me an 8 is a 'I'll keep an eye on our results, but I can't be arsed to watch and I'm certainly not fussed whether we win, lose or draw'.


In an ideal world, following the ESL and the takeover farce, I'll eventually stop watching the PL all together.



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1 minute ago, Joey Linton said:

Are the numbers not the wrong way around for the question in the opening post? And the question in the opening post seems to be the opposite way around to the the thread title?


Think the majority appear to have got their heads around it mind... :laugh:

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9. I'll look out for the results, mainly for fantasy football purposes (especially if I have opposition players) but it's not the same club any more, not even close. No other club sabotages itself the way this one does. It's really sad after spending most of my life emotionally and financially invested in Newcastle United to be in this position but if the club doesn't care then why should I? 

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It's 4 years not going for me and that will continue.

I voted 8 because I'll still watch the matches but I won't get upset when we lose and won't be jumping with joy when/if we win.

When we eventually get relegated..again, it won't bother me in the slightest. Apart from I will hate ashley just that little bit more, I'll never wish him dead. I just want him gone from the club I used to care about so much.

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I put 8. I want the club to fail so hard it becomes a financial liability for Mike Ashley. Only way he will sell. Don't care if a chancer buys us and we continue to plummet down the league system. If they fail the likelihood that the club will be sold on again is much higher than persisting with Ashley in the hope that a mega rich sugar daddy appears while we continue to aim for 17th with the odd relegation and promotion here and there.

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