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7 minutes ago, nbthree3 said:



You do wonder if he had symptoms to move the 10 day isolation period to that instead of the Friday. He would have had to have had symptoms from the Tuesday or Wednesday to be released before the match, although it sounded like the routine test picked it up on the Friday evening.

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1 minute ago, xLiaaamx said:

I get why if he tests negative you'd say he had symptoms so you could get him back but isn't that admitting you let someone come to work with covid symptoms?



Depends if they were mild enough and misconstrued as something else at the time.....:^)



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1 hour ago, Rich said:

Am I blind or was there no Shelvey or Clark there?

My guess would be that they are two of our oldest players. They may have a different schedule to the rest. No point in them doing loads of intense training, only to pull a muscle.

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