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Mason Greenwood: all criminal charges dropped


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Wow I certainly wasn't expecting to hear that on the audio above. If that second video is of the same incident then the book wants throwing at him. I'm talking like 5 years plus jail if he raped her or at least 2 years GBH if they didn't have sex. Fucking vile creature. Would love him to be banned from football for life :angryfire:

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3 minutes ago, Colos Short and Curlies said:

Disgrace of a human being.


unfortunately you know that he’ll serve 5 years max and then another club will give him a contract 


I seriously doubt he'll even serve anything, unfortunately. Hope he does though, the justice system isn't exactly handing out strong sentences like they should for crimes like his. 


Whatever club touches him next (we all know one will) should be fucking ashamed. The coward.

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