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Your favourite ever Newcastle United match


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Other thread seems to have gone down well after reviving it. Thought we had one of these threads but couldn't find it in the search


Arsenal 1-3 Newcastle - just absolutely loved that team and that result.


Newcastle 5-1 Sunderland -  Obvious choice


Newcastle 3-2 Everton - Just everything about it was great. 0-2 down and Pickford lucky to be on the pitch to then winning 3-2. Vintage Rafa



There'll be loads more but thought I'd choose 3 from 3 different eras and too young to remember the Man Utd/Barcelona games

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Newcastle 7 - 1 Leicester
An incredible end to an incredible season which 12 months prior hadn't looked like happening in a million years.
I'd dreamed of seeing NUFC lift a trophy and at last it happened. At last I was able to say that NUFC were "CHAMPIONS" (albeit just the Championship). Things I'd dreamed about finally happened and for it to end with a game like this was proper storybook stuff.

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Probably also the aforementioned Leicester 7-1 (more than one reason) and Barcelona Tino.


Shout out again for the Villa 5-1 in 94 - great stories.

Spurs 3-3 in 95 is about perfect, had eveything, good quality, great atmosphere.

and Stoke away in 95 - watched it back a few times, its just liquid football



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(Games I was at)


2010-11: 5-1 v mackems, 4-4 v Arsenal

2011-12: 3-0 v Man Utd, 2-0 v Liverpool

2012-13: 1-0 v Anzhi

2013-14: 1-0 v Man Utd

2016-17: 4-3 v Norwich, 6-0 v Preston

2017-18: 1-0 v Man Utd, 3-0 v Chelsea

2018-19: 2-1 v Man City, 3-2 v Everton



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Guest neesy111
7 minutes ago, joeyt said:

Newcastle 4-3 Man Utd was a great one I'd forgotten, made even better by Keane getting sent off


This is my favourite game.  Had everything.

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3 minutes ago, Sima said:

5-0 v Man Utd (H)

3-2 v Barcelona (H)

2-2 v Inter (A)


Special mention to the 4-2 v Sheff Wed (H). Felt like our arrival in the PL.


If I could experience any Newcastle season ever I'd pick the one that game was from, 93-94.



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Favourite live games:


Vs Blackburn in the League Cup in '98 (my first)

Vs Valerenga in the UEFA Cup '04 (first win)

Vs Arsenal under Allardyce, Stevie Taylor equaliser

Vs Reading in 2008 - Keegan was back

Vs Middlesbrough under Shearer

Vs Barnsley in the Championship under Hughton. I mean every game was won at such a canter that season, difficult to pick a specific one really. 

Vs Spurs, 2s-each in the 5th season

Vs Blackburn in the cup... HBA

Vs Anzhi in the Europa

Vs Preston under Rafa. Sunlun are down and the Mags are going up. 

Vs Everton under Rafa. Arguably numero uno.

Vs Leicester. Bruno. 


Remarkably I'm on a 15 game unbeaten run at SJP going back ten years.


W29 - D13 - L8 is my overall record.



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3 minutes ago, HaydnNUFC said:


If I could experience any Newcastle season ever I'd pick the one that game was from, 93-94.




Aye. Was class.


We started like a house on fire the following season, too.


4 past Chelsea, 5 past Antwerp.

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It feels like there are some real obvious ones, the 4-4 (Arsenal) , the 5-0 (Man United) , the 3-2 (Barca), 5-1 plor countless wins over the mackems but for me I'd like to mention a few slightly less popular ones. 


Grimsby (a) when Shearer got done (it was my first parentless away game)


The Tottenham 5-1 under Rafa because the resilience of the crowd and atmosphere.


6-0 vs Villa for putting them back in their place


For me though, probably the 2-0 vs Tottenham at Old Trafford. The North Stand was bending that day. 0-0 at full time and for about 10minutes prior to that the Newcastle end started ramping up "Toon Toon Balck and White Army". It got incremently louder and livelier as extra time went on. Shearer netted a brace and ran to our cornwr where we were 5 rows back, my Dad picked me up to face a packed North Stand that was bending as the Geordies bounced and said "... see this son, never, ever forget this for the rest of your life."


So many other happy and proud moments suppprting Newcastle man. I wish I had the memory to document them. There's not many better feelings than when your club or city do you proud like. It's like lighting a beacon to remind people that Newcastle is the best place on earth. 

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Most of the games mentioned above but throw in Derby 2-3 NUFC in the 2001/02 season. 2-0 down early doors, ends up with a LuaLua winner in front of the away end. Just remember trying to get down to the bottom of the stand to celebrate with Nick the Greek.

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For me, it was the 4-3 win over Leeds in 2001. I was a young lad and this was only my third season following the club so the fact that it took us to the top of the PL on Xmas sticks with me. Also because we got home just in time for ITV to show their highlights package so I could record this.

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