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Still not worthy of a thread


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New thread? "Will never be worthy of a thread"


Aye, name change needed.  Could have the classic 'Still Still not worthy of a thread'  or an impertinent  'Thread of the unworthy'.  Maybe go left field and go with 'Poundshop football thread'.


Still like 'The Garth Crooks not worthy of a thread thread'

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From F365 Mediawatch :lol: :lol:


Ladies and gentlemen, Danny Mills has solved the poppy poppycock problem. Here he is, speaking to BBC Sport:


“If the players are that insistent on wearing poppies, they should get a temporary tattoo, stick it on the back of their hand and, when the national anthems are played, put your hand on your heart and it’s there for everybody to see.


“Fifa cannot stop that. It’s no different than having a normal tattoo.”

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