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Favourite Celebrations?


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I always used to like it when Batistuta used to do his celebration.






Great player as well btw.

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I liked the simple celebrations from early days........Mick Channon's arm whirl. 


And of course, Shearer's One arm salute. Standing still, hard-as-nails with his arm in the air. With a look that said "F*** you....I just scored against you, and what are you going to do about it"

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One offs:Shearer v Blackburn

Routine: Shefki Kuqi diving celebration


I think I've got a newspaper cut out of the Blackburn game somewhere, and when we beat the Mancs 3-0.


Is that in the book you got a few Crimbos ago or have you got a match cut out?

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He just can't help himself. :D







Has to be his..simply loved it every time he did it


As well as Shefki  Kuqi..nothing beats a 6 foot 3 man diving head first into the ground..


Many more i can't recall at t he moment..

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Asprilla's cartwheel (mimicked by a young WBCP in Sunday league)

Albert vs Manyoo and on some other occassions (run, skid on your knees and go head over heels unexpectedly)

Beardsley vs Boro IIRC (score a pen (again IIRC) run up to your son, who is ball-boy and slap him on the face) again repeated by a young WBCP in vice-versa (ie. son slaps dad who is watching)

Robbie Elliott's funky chicken




Malcolm Christie in his Derby days - stroke your chin and make a gesture that suggests "aye, canny good"

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brilliant picture




Batigol I can't argue with but my favourite was always Eidur Gudjonsen's 'there you go' for Chelsea and anyone who delibrity annoys the opposing fans with a cheeky shhh

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