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First Footballing Hero


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Following on from


Klinsmann was my favourite footballer as a kid.


Yeah he was great. A really good bloke as well by all accounts.


who was you first footballing hero/idol as a little 'un. Who did you used to pretend to be in the playground?


http://www.goolfm.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Marco-Van-Basten-300x203.jpg for me.



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Growing up with parents who don't really like football, Euro 96 was my introduction and I caught the bug. Absolutely loved it. Cheering on England, with Shearer as the hero. Then a few weeks later he signs for Newcastle! I thought football would always be this easy and have been comprehensively proved wrong ever since :lol:


So yeah, definitely Shearer for me.

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When I grew up it was these two, I loved them.






Later it was this man...



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