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F*** COVID19 Groupwatch

Which match shall we watch?  

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  1. 1. Which match shall we watch?

    • 1-1 Vs. Man Utd - 93/94
    • 7-1 Vs. Swindon - 93/94
    • 6-1 Vs. Wimbledon - 95/96
    • 4-3 Vs. Aston Villa - 96/97
    • 5-0 Vs. Man Utd - 96/97
    • 7-1 Vs. Tottenham - 96/97
    • 3-2 Vs. Barcelona - 97/98
    • Other

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Picked the wrong one :lol:

Went for the Villa game too quickly thinking it was the Andy Cole 40th goal game.


Should have chosen the Swindon 7-1 game. Those early Keegan times were perfection, even without winning a major trophy. Before we were thought of as genuine contenders and there was no pressure on the club to succeed. There was a feeling of complete freedom to just go out and enjoy every game. That season was so enjoyable.

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I went for the Swindon game.  Something from that 93/94 season would be best, there's posters here who probably never saw anything from that season and don't get just how good it was.


One of my most random football memories comes from that game. Their goal I believe was from a Paul Bodin cross. I remember reading the report in one of the football magazines back in the day "Swindon's goal came from a Paul Bodin cross" thinking that this Paul Bodin fella must be amazing if he's got a move named after himself.

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I won't be about this afternoon sadly so if we're doing 3pm, can someone else do the match thread and what have you? Barcelona is currently winning but I think doing that on Wednesday night is a good idea. Whatever day time fixture gets the most votes should be today I reckon.

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