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Positive Optimism - Saudi Takeover Edition

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Couldn’t agree more with this, for the people who don’t believe there’s a chance just get on with your life. We don’t need your negativity, and if you truly believe it’s game over practice what you preach and forget about it.


For the rest of the believers Happy New Year and hopefully 2021 is the year Ashley fucks off.


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I predict we’ll get the green light. 12th January. My 40th birthday.


How’s that for optimism?


Some positive noises today. Hopefully I’m not far out :lol:



Least you got that.  :lol:


Happy birthday old timer. ;)


Cheers :)

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Hello everyone....thought I’d just bring this back for the evening as things are getting a bit heated in the other thread.....Looking forward to perhaps hearing some good news Monday or later in the week.....Understand fully that many people think this takeover will not happen and may be proven correct in time...meanwhile in this time of lockdown, my only glimmer of excitement is the possibility that we may soon be under new ownership...enjoying all the positive vibes from the many members who would also like to see this happening and rid us of this evil!!......those who think otherwise.....fine.....but I’m sure most of you would love to be proven wrong....its like betting on us to lose an FA Cup final....win whatever happens :)

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“One of the most powerful myths tells of a primeval creator deity who took the form of a Nile goose, as the Egyptian goose is also called, to lay a golden cosmic egg from which hatched the sun”


NUFC’s cosmic egg is about to hatch and the sun will come out for the fans.

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