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Fixtures 2021/22 - West Ham (H) First Game


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That time of year again where we all go "I wonder who we'll lose to first game of the season".


Who do people think we'll get in the following: 


First Day:

Boxing Day:

Last Day:



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16/06/21 09.01 -  Bruce to affably present it as a hard start (whoever were up against) implying he can't catch a break - so anything we get is a bonus (whoever were up against) and 'didn't I do well' (however we come out of it).


Feels like just one long 90/91 since Ashley's been here, only knowing for certain we're not making the play-off's all the way through it.



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That Fanteam Fantasy football has us playing Norwich at home on the first day


*ingnore that I've just noticed its in alphabetical order*



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Lack of attention to detail dingbat

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