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Transfer rumours

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1 minute ago, RS said:

I’d assume a relegation clause would be a must if he was daft enough to sign. 


Don't think he will be daft enough to sign permantly. He's very close to St Max and we know he is looking to go also.

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14 minutes ago, Big Geordie said:

I'd love Joe to sign permanently, but I can understand if he is reluctant. He will be quite aware of how this NUFC operates.

This, but he also know we love selling players for a profit.

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In a strange way, we are the better option for his development as the requirement is to carry on doing what he did do for us in his loan spell which suits his game a lot, running behind, breaking into the box, and scoring. Long-term, if he does join permanently and under Bruce, that’s all his game will be about and to be honest I’m not sure he has enough other attributes to develop a more rounder game under say someone like a Rafa. That’s why Arsenal are happy to let him leave really, for the right price. 

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2 minutes ago, Shearergol said:

Can only register two loans players at once can’t we?

Domestic loans just the 2 I think.


International you can have more like Fulham last season

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13 hours ago, KaKa said:

The reality of committing to coming in every morning to the sight of Steve Bruce, with no escape at the end of the season has hit home. The guy is not going to join.


Ironically Bruce is the type of manager who will suit Joe best. In our sit back and defend system, that's where his fast breaking runs are most effective. I have a feeling in a more pressing formation, some of his weaknesses might become more apparent. 


The real issue might be the length of the contract as we like to offer 6 year deals to youngsters, but that would tie him in to shite wages for a long time. He'd probably prefer the option of getting big money at some point, and that's not happening under Ashley. 

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