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Arsenal 2 - 0 Newcastle United (27/11/2021)


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It happen!


Not sure they will be in the mood to drop points after today's drubbing though.


Feel like I have full confidence we are going there for the 3 points though and will do our best for it. Not felt like that in at least a decade and a half.

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11 hours ago, bowlingcrofty said:

3-1. Give a decent account of ourselves but ultimately turned over by a much better team.

As per my other post in the relegation thread,


""Only seen highlights, but from what I've seen and looking at the stats, seems to be a world away from the previous game.

Which to me can only be a good thing.


Like people have said, he's only had a week or two with the lads, get miggy up to speed, tighten up at the back and things will start to look brighter.


After the arseholes performance last night, they were dire, -  even a win might be on the cards next Saturday.


I'm going to have 3-1 for every remaining game - ones got to come in eventually.


Still keeping the faith - believe in  Eddie.""


Am going for US to win at 3-1, just checked and odds are about 90-1 or the like. Worth one pound of anyone's money.


Ever the optamist.



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