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Burnley vs. Newcastle United: 22/05/22 @ 4pm (No UK TV)


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2 minutes ago, neesy111 said:

Relegate Everton if we can please 

Burnley beat Villa

Leeds beat brentford

Scouse keents lose their last 2

We smash Burnley

Everton go down


Not asking much

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Depends who plays I guess


Could be wholesale changes, couple of youngsters 


I wouldn’t begrudge Burnley a win but only if it sent Everton down. Otherwise I want us to win 

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1 minute ago, polkaDot said:

a win for Burnley against Villa and a draw for Everton against Palace could see us still beat Burnley and send Everton down on GD if Arsenal beat Everton. That would be a hoot.


Unfortunately, I can't see Burnley beating Villa away when they have just been comfortably beaten them at home.

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20 minutes ago, RodneyCisse said:

Happy for Eddie to start the likes of Wood, Anderson. Never want us to lose but the potential of Everton or Leeds going down if Burnley get a result is too enticing.


Anderson can't play. 

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