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How are you celebrating tonight?


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Going to the store for cans to drink later right now. Maybe watch Goal, maybe blast music throughout my apartment, maybe order a pizza, who knows.


Expect I'll have some even better celebrations when I'm there in December.



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1 hour ago, oldtype said:

Spending hours on WIkipedia trying to figure out what's happened since Rafa left.

Our Wiki article literally just ends after the Bruce Appointment :lol:



2016–present: Third Premier League run[edit]

Newcastle returned to the Premier League at the first attempt, winning the Championship title on 7 May 2017 with a 3–0 win against Barnsley.[59] On 16 October 2017, Mike Ashley put Newcastle United up for sale for a second time.[60] The team finished the season with a 3–0 win over the previous year's champions Chelsea, finishing 10th in the league, their highest finish in four years.[61][62] The following season saw a 13th-place finish, despite being in the relegation zone in January. As such Ashley came under increased scrutiny for his lack of investment in the squad and apparent focus on other business ventures.[63] Benitez left his position on 30 June 2019 after rejecting a new contract.[64]

On 17 July 2019, Steve Bruce was appointed as manager on a three-year contract.[65]

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Guest HTT II

I’m trying to ween myself off whiskey as I’m probably a functioning alcoholic and I’ve done so well in the last 2 weeks, but… wey ye know, I’ve just had one!



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5 minutes ago, George Bailey said:

12 year old in hand ....

Whisky obviously....not how our friends down the road would imagine that sentence.


Enjoy everyone. :Jonny2J:

Here's to the next years of our lives and end to the 'wasted years' for all of us.



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I’m home alone, got through the first few beers one being a Brown Ale a bit too quickly so went back up for a few more to see me through, think I’ll need to cancel my gym class in the morning…… 

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