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This forum will be migrating to a new platform tomorrow night. The forum will be a blank canvas for around 50 hours until the import from this platform to the new platform completes. In the interim period, a few key threads will be set up (and then merged later with the old threads post-completion).


The reason we are migrating is because we've come as far we can with SMF and various features will likely be unsupported in the near future, so it's a matter of time before it becomes incompatible with modern browsers/standards. The new forum will also be much easier to moderate (e.g. ban evasions etc).


With that in mind, we have three new shiny admins in Bluestar, Disco and Yorkie who will no doubt help improve the forum's overall quality.


In addition to running faster, the primary feature changes of the new forum are below:


- React to posts

- You receive a notification in the top right when you are quoted

- Short codes replaced (e.g ctrl/cmd + B for Bold)

- Multi-poll support

- Click and hold thread title to change thread title


Though there are other optional features which are currently disabled. These may be sprinkled in later. Pretty much everything in the existing forum will move across including threads, posts, users, avatars etc. We'll be axing the Help board (which can be condensed into a Tech Help thread in General Chat tbh).


Finally, whilst a certain level of moaning/resistance to change is expected in a community as large as this, HUGZ[/member] has done this all off his own back for nowt so an enormous thank you to him.

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Thank you as always for this.


Just as an aside, is there is any means of donating to the maintenance of the website and for you guys. I think I speak for many when I say that this place, and many of the members have been an absolute godsend in incredibly difficult times - especially recently.


In sum, cheers maintenance and mods, would be lost without NO

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In true nufc fashion I expect this new forum migration to collapse after the 49th hour after lobbying by Qatar.


Thanks for hard work put in by everyone, this is my favourite place to moan!

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