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Liverpool FC v Newcastle United - 16/12/21 8pm (BT Sports)


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So much of the post Leicester chat turned to what needs to happen at Anfield, I figured I’d start the thread while you’re all sleeping.


To be honest, I’ve no idea how Eddie is going to respond to that disaster, but I see a lot of people suggesting three at the back - thus keeping Captain Rick and the Swiss Deceiver. I’d go for greater solidity in midfield, a 4-3-3/4-5-1 like this:

















Three CMs in Joelinton, Shelvey and Hayden is the best I could come up with :undecided:

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I have no idea what to hope, expect or what the best approach would be for this match so this is just high level brain storming of what possibly could work to grind out a point. I'm thinking it's better to set up defensive with as much work rate, pace and energy as we have available to have a slim chance of nicking a goal on the counter while making life difficult for Liverpool. Was really struggling to decide on Almiron or Shelvey but feel like Almiron possibly is better equipped to deal with the pace of Liverpool and to double up with and support Lewis on the flank against TAA & Salah. He's also more of a threat on the counter. Willock has been dog shit under Howe but again, has more energy and pace to help Manquillo on the other flank against Robertson and Mane than any of the other options available.









No matter what I hope as a minimum that yesterday was a wake up call for everybody and that we get a positive reaction from coaching team & players, despite fully expecting a loss.

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I think if we keep it tight we will get one chance from a corner and we need to take it , time to man up and keep a clean sheet and Nick this one , I’m quietly confident we can score here .



prediction: 6-1 Liverpool 

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After that performance yesterday and the sheer lack of quality in our squad I just fail to see what on earth we do in our next 2 fixtures to even just keep the score to below 4 or 5. People can talk about formations and personnel all they want, it really doesn't matter in my eyes.



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Manq Schar Lascelles Fede Lewis



       Shelvey                Joelinton




Absolutely awful lineup but I'm not sure what we do tbh [emoji38]


Park the bus and hope for a Shelvey/Joelinto ball over the top to Wilson/Almiron.






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