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Not worthy of a thread - Euro 2020 edition

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Good shouts. Although I think Arshavin was already in the sights of a lot of clubs after Zenit that season. Pavlyuchenko definitely though - he only started that tournament because Pogrebnyak got injured. 



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11 hours ago, joeyt said:

Was thinking earlier about players who have been signed after great international tournaments?


Players like a James to Real Madrid, El Hadji Diouf to Liverpool. Think kleberson joined Man Utd after WC2002


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22 minutes ago, Lazarus said:

Cant quite remember the timeline now but Guivarch?


Signed before the tournament iirc.  Inexplicable if it was after, like :lol:

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22 minutes ago, Sima said:


Signed before the tournament iirc.  Inexplicable if it was after, like :lol:


Just checked and the transfer was announced just before the tournament and he joined just after.


So, er.... Hamann?

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26 minutes ago, joeyt said:

Think we signed Janmaat after a good WC2014

I actually thought he was pretty poor in that World Cup. Think he got dropped in favour of playing Dirk Kuyt right wing back

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12 hours ago, Disco said:

Liverpool have good form for this: Salif Diao, Patrik Berger, El-Hadj Diouf, Anthony Le Tallec and Florent Sinama-Pongolle all spring to mind. 


Ah, the great TLT as he’s known. Don’t think a journalist has ever been so badly wrong about a player as this scouse whopper. 


19 August 2003 : by Chris Bascombe, Liverpool Echo 

Why Le Tallec will be our Ronaldo 


In most cases, paying £12m for a teenager would be considered rank stupidity, over-indulgence or, at the very least, a gamble which even Chris Kirkland's dad would shy away from. 


When Manchester United do it, it's a stroke of transfer genius. 
According to everyone who they make listen, United have just signed the best teenager in the world. By God are we hearing about it. 

I'm not doubting Ronaldo's abilities. Clearly he's a talented kid who may be on the threshold of greatness. It just strikes me as rather odd that no-one has given the same attention to Liverpool's equally stunning new teenage recruit. 


It seems Gerard Houllier's mistake with Anthony Le Tallec was to buy him early rather than delay until everyone in Europe wanted him. Obviously, Liverpool should have waited until Le Tallec's value was £12m. 


Soon enough, the rest of the nation will wake up to the fact Le Tallec and Ronaldo played in the same world youth championships not so long ago and it was the Liverpool new boy who was voted the best player. 


No doubt both Gerard and Sir Alex watched those same youth championships in Malaysia a few years back and noticed the same players. 


Indeed, Liverpool had already signed Le Tallec by then and were strongly linked with Ronaldo themselves, but can't afford to splash out like United. 


Time will tell who's got the better deal, but for value for money I know who I'm backing. It's a bit like Houllier and Ferguson have both dined at the same top class restaurant and had their pick of the best main courses on the menu. 

Houllier has managed to get his dish at a quarter of the cost Ferguson has paid, and yet it's his rival who is getting all the praise. 

Indeed, I'm getting an eerie sense of deja vu when it comes to the man dubbed TLT who's about to explode onto the Premiership. I remember how slow our London based number one writers were to realise who Steven Gerrard was a few years back. 

The Kop Magazine I once wrote even launched a campaign to get him in the England squad, so little attention was he receiving. Then, when the rest of the country noticed a year later, they decided to make him their own property. 


It was a similar story with Wayne Rooney at Everton. A friend of mine who works on a national newspaper tried to get a feature on Rooney into his paper in the summer of 2002. They were having none of it. How times changed three months later when "Rooney Opens Crisp Packet" stories were making the front page. 


Le Tallec won't get the same attention as Rooney, Gerrard or Michael Owen because he ain't English. But the few glimpses I've had of him remind me so much of the first time I saw Gerrard. 


So young, yet so full of class. So clearly ready to play at the highest level and begin the learning curve which will take him to the top of the game. 


One of the most encouraging, but sadly overlooked parts of Sunday was Le Tallec's being named a sub. Pity he didn't get on, although Houllier said he was prepared to play the youngster if the circumstances of the game had been different. 


The career paths of Le Tallec and Ronaldo are sure to cross regularly over the next decade. Should the French gem prove himself the better player, you never know, maybe the manager who signed him will get a bit of credit.

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A lot of it is quite easy tbf. The clues are massive giveaways for most while two of the rounds are basically identical.


I got one of the footballs wrong by a tournament, and stupidly didn't get one of the scorers in 1992. 

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2 hours ago, bowlingcrofty said:

Semis and final to have 40,000 crowd


Last 16 also. Gives me a great chance to get my tickets back if they stand by the priority access promise. 

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20 hours ago, Froggy said:


Last 16 also. Gives me a great chance to get my tickets back if they stand by the priority access promise





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